Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MJ Day 6

Most of Monday was taken up with testimony from the alleged victim's younger brother, now 14. The boy is one of the star witnesses for the prosecution on the molestation charges. Nothing really new from what we expected. The boy testified:

-that he witnessed two separate incidents of molestations of the older boy by the defendant
-that Jackson paraded naked in front of the boys
-that he showed them adult internet sites
-that he showed them adult magazines
-that Jackson discussed masturbation with them citing "it's OK, everyone does it."
-that Jackson warned them not to tell
-that Jackson served wine to the boys several times
-Jury also viewed a photo of a mannequin from Jackson's room which he simulated sex with

This morning, Sneddon is expected to finish questioning the boy and defense attorney Thomas Mesereau will cross examine. Mesereau finished with the sister first thing in the morning and also showed the jury a tape made by a private investigator (working for MJ) in which the family praises Jackson and the boy admits to sleeping in the same bed with MJ, but emphasizes that nothing sexual had ever happened.


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