Monday, March 07, 2005

Turning War into Art

I woke up this morning to NPR's review of Gunner Palace, a new documentary following the day-to-day lives of 2nd battalion 3rd field artillery regiment who's base is the once oppulent palace of Uday Hussein. In what's become the new NPR where they create fresh stories from a piece that ran last week, they focused on the music and poetry these troops create and how they use them to cope. One soldier plays his guitar every day while another writes free form poetry. Others rap creating beats on the hoods of humvees to pass time. There will be no soundtrack for this documentary but the music, spoken words, and sound bites will be released on the web. Filmmakers hope that musicians, DJs, poets, producers, and others will use these samples to create new art. (Last year, while promoting his book on Fresh Air, Joe Trippi shared music remixes using one of the most popular sounds bites at the time, the Howard Dean scream.)


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