Friday, March 04, 2005

MJ Day 4

Update from Thursday:

  • More testimony from Ann Kite, the publicist. Her biggest point revelation for the prosecution was that Jackson's attorney told her he'd make the mother (of the child MJ is accused of molesting) look like a "crack whore." In the cross-ex, she said that she felt MJ was a victim of people close to him who didn't always have his best interests at heart. (The defense is smart to paint MJ as a possible victim in a plot to ruin him by close associates.)
  • She also testified that she felt that Ronald Knitzer (one of the five un-indicted co-conspirators) may have been trying to wrestle control of the Beatles catalog from Jackson. (Never mind that the catalog is mortgaged to the hilt and currently being held by Sony as loan collateral.)
  • Jurors viewed a videotape from the Nov 18, 2003 search of Neverland showing his bedroom and two additional rooms filled with toys -- the "toy room" and the "doll room".
  • The victim's sister was called to testify. She is now 18 years old. She confirmed the prosecution timeline testifying about the Miami trip, the soda cans, and Jackson's control of the family during and after the Miami trip. She also testified that MJ served the children alcohol in his home on several occasions. She spent four hours on the stand Thursday and will cross-examined today. There is a lot of testimony here on MJ's alleged co-conspirators. The whole imprisonment charge is looking more and more solid.

Related note: A request for clarification regarding the gag order has been filed by attorneys for Jay Leno, listed on the defense witness list. The gag order currently says that no party to the case can discuss it outside of court. Obviously, this could be a problem for Leno.


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