Saturday, March 05, 2005

MJ Day 5

First full week of the MJ trial is complete. Friday was dominated by the testimony of the alledged vicitm's sister. She was on the stand for four hours on Thursday as well.

The bulk of her testimony focused on the details surrounding the two week period between the airing of the Martin Bashir documentary and the making of the "rebuttal tape", the video-taped response MJ had filmed with the family. The sister says their comments were scripted and that she (and others) lied on the video tape. (The family eventually refused to participate and the tape was never aired.) Other points of interest:
  • The jury viewed the 80-minute tape.
  • The sister also says that it is not her mother who goes after celebrities for money but the children's estranged father. (If this sticks, it's a problem for the defense who as set the family up as disreputable celebrity money chasers.)
  • Under cross examination the sister said that she had not discussed the case with anyone in her family. (Surprising to Mesereau, apparently)
  • Family members of the victims are being named in court but names are not being released publicly.
  • The sister will continue on the stand on Monday for more cross-ex.


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