Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day of Miscellany

I'm a half of a pot of coffee into my Sunday morning and working my way through a mountain of small bits that have collected on my desk in the past few days. In true fashion, I'm passing the miscellany on down to you, gentle readers. (I know it's been quiet around here lately but fall deadlines are upon us.)

Photographs by Mpozi Tolbert at iMOCA: Friday, saw a great number of familiar faces at the Mpozi Tolbert opening at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Make time to see this exhibit which is up through the end of October. Tolbert, who died unexpectedly almost three months ago, had a knack for capturing the whole story in one shot. These images show you the lives, attitudes, and drama of people by dramatically showing us their faces, their body movements, gestures, and eyes. A well-selected group of photographs.

Carson/Dickerson and Center Township: My political friends have commented lately that I've been oddly silent on the IN-7 race with Carson and Dickerson. Frankly, it's because just when I get over being physically disgusted by Julia Carson, she pulls another tacky move like her smear of Dickerson last week. You can believe what you want about Dickerson and his past issues. Frankly, it was 15 years ago and I'm inclined to cut the man some slack. But let the guide of your vote be one overwhelming issue -- who will serve us best in the US Congress?

Carson is an embarrassment to the State of Indiana. Her ultra-liberal views are not representative of the city of Indianapolis and the district she serves. She has not shown a strong ability to serve in the US House of Representatives. She is in extremely ill health, and already has a serious attendance problem. Her sole ability to accomplish anything with her office has recently appeared to be an ability to hold together a complex network of local officials deeply entrenched in Carson-centric entitlement jobs and programs. Very little in this campaign has been about her national views or work for Indiana in the House. She could have ended this Carson center bar fiasco with one word and hasn't. (Everyone she knows is involved from her chief-of-staffs wife to her primary and literal "support".) The GOP isn't innocent of blame in this either. They could have supported Dickerson in this campaign. And Dickerson should be making more of this Carson debacle than he is. The seat is a national office and we should send someone who could at least rise to the occasion. I'm ready to send Eric Dickerson to Washington to give him a chance.

Best Coverage Out There: Once again, I'm extremely impressed with the job Advance Indiana has been doing on coverage of not only the Carson center bar issue but also the problems with the coroner's office and the Carson/Dickerson campaign. It all begs the question of why hasn't the Star been able to come close to equally covering these stories? Star editors will complain that it takes time to track down the facts and get sources on the record, and that's absolutely true. But the wide gaps in the depth of coverage suggest that the assignments aren't being pushed to begin with. If simple bloggers are able to get more factual information in less time than reporters, (Advance Indiana, like most of the rest of us, has a day job) what does that say about the priorities being set for reporters?

Morton Marcus on Blogs and Journalism: And speaking of blogs doing a better job than reporters, Morton Marcus asks why there isn't a blog on journalism in Indianapolis. In his column this week in the IBJ, he asks where is it that serious news junkies can comment on coverage of the news. I think Mr. Marcus hasn't been paying attention to a lot of the blogs doing this very thing. Read the comments section in any number of active Indiana blogs and you'll find readers wondering where the Star is on several major stories today (and often thanking bloggers for coverage that traditional news outlets aren't providing.)


At Sun Sep 24, 08:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And Dickerson should be making more of this Carson debacle than he is. The seat is a national office and we should send someone who could at least rise to the occasion. I'm ready to send Eric Dickerson to Washington to give him a chance."

Dickerson did a press conference at the Bar that was carried by several TV Stations. Eric and his supporters were at the August 16 Department of Metropolitan Development meeting about the Bar / Lounge in the Julia Carson Building. He and his supporters spoke up against the Bar.

He has spoken out against the bar every chance he gets when he is with the media.

Mr. Dickerson says he will be at the next meeting on Oct. 4th. He has said from day one that the bar in a government building ( not golf courses or hte RCA Dome as somme people classify as a "Government" Building ) is WRONG.

Mr. Dickerson is taking the high road compared to the mud sling Congresswomen Carson has already started.

Anyone can go to his web site and read about his stances and look at his google map and see where he has been and where he will be. His calendar is PUBLIC for all to see what events he will be attending. Try finding all of that information from any Julia Carson web site.

At Sun Sep 24, 08:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bad . .

At Sun Sep 24, 08:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indianapolis needs Eric Dickerson. 30+ years of being on the public payroll is enough. Most industrial employers do "30 and out" for employees. It's time for Julia to retire.

At Sun Sep 24, 09:10:00 PM, Blogger braingirl said...

I think that's great! I wish him well -- but where is Dickerson on Julia's record in Congress? Where is he talking about what she hasn't done for us lately? And where is the state GOP? Voters will always be inclined to send her back when they don't see that the alternative is better. She's still controlling this race -- she's on offense. Dickerson is getting some press, but he needs to be much more visible against Julia. He needs to attack and I'm just not hearing/seeing it in the district on the ground. I'm sure a lot of it is a function of money which is too bad. I'd love to see someone really force her to have to tap into some coffers. Otherwise, this race is going to fall along party lines like usual -- early lead for the GOP (because, you know, people with professional jobs who care get out and vote early) with strong late returns for the Dems.

Dickerson hasn't penetrated into the rest of the district outside the hood yet -- at least that's my impression. I'm a young, white professional and I've yet to see him or come into contact with him at a *single* event. And yet, I've been invited to three governor's campaign events in the past month (and he's not even *running* for anything yet) and a Brizzi fundraiser last weekend.

I hope he starts to reach some of the people who actually want to hear what he has to say -- to rise above and still get the most mileage from not being Carson. This race needs to be a referendum on Carson. Those are the hardest races to win but will probably be the most effective tactic to get her out of office. And so far, he's not getting the message out of the bubble.

At Sun Sep 24, 09:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at where he as been and will be at.

Eric was out and about this weekend. He was 6 different spots where he was meeting and greeting voters. The rsponsewas universally positive to him and negative toward the mud Julia was slinging. People were coming up to him and telling him they were democrats, they had voted democrat all of thier life, and that they were voting for him in November.

We saw that repeatedly be it Downtown, 10th and Washington, Glendale Mall or Lafayetter Square Mall.

Check his public calendar. He is already commited to 8 different events over the next FIVE weeks where people have invited both Eric and Julia Carson to participate.

All of those events are open to the public so they can see and hear the differences between the two candidates.

Too bad that same information is not availble on Julias Web sites.

At Mon Sep 25, 07:28:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Look at his Calendar. If he is not going to be at a place you will be at or can not get to please let me know when and where he can meet you.

At Mon Sep 25, 10:30:00 AM, Blogger Sir Hailstone said...

How can she let someone who is anonymous know??

Braingirl do you attend meetings of Downtown GOP? 1st wednesday of the month at BW3's downtown.

Eric has concentrated his efforts on grassroots "everyday person" voters - and meeting them on the "Wal-Mart" circuit. We spent most of Saturday going to various stores and even Glendale mall meeting people and voters. Remember the attention span of typical people - not very long. He'll hit the airwaves soon enough.

What Eric won't do - is go negative. He feels going on and on about her voting record and her health is negative and he's indicated he won't go there.

At Mon Sep 25, 12:20:00 PM, Anonymous braingirl said...

How is campaigning on her voting record negative? (I mean, it's a negative, but it's what he should be campaigning on.) The fact that she has poor attendance, a horrible voting record, and is unable to coherently represent the state of Indiana is legitimate material.

The person who beats her is going to be the person who effectively shows how ludicrous her term has really been.

(and I do occasionally attend downtown GOP but missed Dickerson.)


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