Thursday, September 14, 2006

RIP -- Texas Governor Ann Richards

I'm sad to note the passing of an icon in American politics and one of the most visible women in government in her time -- former Texas Governor Ann Richards. I didn't always see eye-to-eye with her politically, but I've loved her ever since college. It was the time when I found myself actually following in my parents footsteps, watching every second of coverage of both political conventions. Richards made quite an impression as she spoke about George W. Bush and his frequent gaffes. "Poor George. Born with a silver foot in his mouth." Her wonderfully drippy Texas accent was perfect for sarcasm. She could take what could be a very nasty comment and say it with a smile on her face for a great laugh -- and more importantly, a great impact on her listeners. That was before she was immortalized on the famous (infamous) Texas Monthly cover riding a motorcycle in full gubernatorial leathers. (It was photoshopped. See last year's post for more.)

She served one term as Texas governor before falling to newcomer George W. Bush (and his Texas election machine of Karen Hughes and Karl Rove.) She had been battling cancer for a the past few years and died yesterday. She was 73.


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