Friday, September 08, 2006

Day of Miscellany -- Bosma and Body Cavity Searches

Other than type up another rant about Bosma wasting everyone's time and money with his "no-Jesus-in-the-Statehouse" lawsuit, I thought I'd share with you a few of the gems that struck my fancy this morning. OK, some of them struck my funny bone. And having a blog post strike your funny bone is a lot better than whacking it on the nightstand like I usually do. Brian Bosma and full body cavity searches? Nope -- not a single mention here about the new Statehouse security.

Bosma Argues Case at US Court of Appeals: Oh, let's just get it out of the way. Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma's lawsuit opened yesterday in Chicago at the US Court of Appeals. Bosma is convinced this suit may go all the way to the Supremes. What he conveniently keeps forgetting to mention -- as he promotes this as fighting for prayer in the Indiana house -- is that he already has a ruling allowing him to pray all he wants. He just has to keep it non-sectarian and back off the Jesus praising (along with the hand clapping, holy roller Gospel performances.) Oh, and by the way, he wants you to know that he spent $67,000 of taxpayer money on this lawsuit. He's going to pay it back, promise! Just as soon as he gets enough to people to donate the money. Riiiiiggght. From the Star.

Playing the Race Card: Tim Goodman over at the Bastard Machine has an excellent post on the upcoming season of Survivor where teams will be split by race (instead of age or sex as they've been split in previous seasons.) Goodman, who is the television critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, reminds us that Mark Burnett knows exactly what he's doing and that ultimately, no matter how you divide tribes, if you get it right, the Survivor format works.
If I absolutely must get involved in this moldy fracas, let's remember a couple of the elements at play here. 1) The idea [is] old. 2) Cynicism alert - "Survivor" wasn't very exciting last season. I've watched every single episode since the franchise - which essentially opened the door for the reality TV revolution - first aired. Last season was boring. I even vowed never to watch it again. To move on. So when I heard there was going to be a "race war" on "Survivor," I smiled knowingly. A timely play, Mr. Burnett. Well done. Next year: "Survivor: Everybody's Nude."
What Else Do They Keep In There? And you knew it. The minute you saw this article this morning, you knew I wouldn't be able to resist a link. Bottom line: There are just too many good headlines for this. Four inmates in an El Salvador prison were busted for hiding cell phones *in* their bodies -- along with batteries, chargers, and memory chips. The x-rays are the best part. Don't tell the Indiana speaker's office. Bosma might want to get involved in the new statehouse security system next. (There's a bad lobbyist joke in here but I'm not going there.)


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