Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dave O'Brien and BMV Bingo

It's not usually a good day when radio personalities make the off-air news, but in this case, it's just fine. One of my favorite people in town, Dave O'Brien, is making news waves with his late vehicle registration by playing BMV Bingo on his popular morning show. Dave -- half of the on-air duo Wank and O'Brien -- does mornings on Emmis' Hank FM. (He and partner Ed Wank helmed the popular 93.1 before moving over to anchor the re-vamped Emmis station last year.) In an interview with Indychannel, O'Brien makes it very clear that he sent in his vehicle registration renewal the day he received it in June. The registration expired July 31. And to date, still no registration -- hence BMV Bingo. What does it take to get on easy-going Dave's bad side?
...O'Brien said he was seriously upset by an interview that BMV Commissioner Joel Silverman did with 6News on Aug. 2. During that interview, Silverman said that motorists customers [sic] with July 31 registration renewal deadlines should have made their transactions on time despite the computer mess.

"The thing that I have the problem with the BMV the most about was when Joel Silverman said that people who had not received their registration yet were probably at fault for not sending it in enough time," O'Brien said. "And, again, I sent mine in the day I got it."

Listeners call in choosing the day he'll get his registration in the mail. Winner gets a spa gift certificate.


At Tue Sep 12, 07:06:00 PM, Anonymous torporindy said...

I rode dirty from July 31st until two weeks ago. It took a personal trip to the BMV to get the job done.


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