Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Ideas for the Carson Center

The Star has an update today on the status of Polin Park and the zoning variance for the bar township cronies want to put in the Julia Carson Government Center. Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana also has an update -- or rather, what the Star reporter missed. Carson herself finally has come out against serving booze in the building and thinks the project will be rejected by the Metropolitan Development Commission. "There's just been too much drama about all this."

From the Star: Ayers [David Ayers, Carl Drummer's new publicist] said he did not know what would become of the space if the zoning variance is not granted.

Since this is, you know, the Julia Carson government center, and, of course, given the neighborhood, and, presumably, some kind of mission to serve the population or constituents of the area, let's give them some ideas on how to use that extra 2000 sq feet now that it won't be a bar. Don't forget the nifty deck area.

Day Care Center
Afterschool Program
Teen Support to Prevent Dropouts
Sports/Teen Center
Counseling Services to Prevent Gun Violence
Job Training and Placement Services
Tutoring Programs and Reading Services
Parenting Classes
Financial Services Training
Business Planning/Mentoring

I'm sure we can help them come up with all kinds of ideas! Of course, none of these will nearly as fun for those currently involved as a restaurant/bar, but let's look at this like a business. Restaurants are some of the highest risk businesses to start (but everyone wants one). Plus, bonus, when you run a job conseling center, it's a lot safer for you to just get in your car and drive home.


At Wed Sep 06, 07:44:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See the Star Editorial on this issue.

Our position: Plans to open a bar at the Center Township government center should be halted.

There's plenty about the proposed bar at the Julia Carson Government Center that is offensive to the cause of good government.


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