Sunday, March 26, 2006

On The Cusp...New Director for IMA?

At least two months ago, iMOCA Curator Christopher West filled me in on his new arts blog -- On The Cusp -- some critical thoughts and perspective concerning the arts in Indianapolis. As a group blog, Christopher, local artist Scott Grow, and other guest bloggers can share the latest on exhibits, organizations, and general local arts happenings. It's substantive stuff. Great work, guys!

Seeing Christopher this week during the installation of the wonderfully fun I Am Brian Presnell show and Friday at the incredibly (and wonderfully) crowded opening reminded me I was woefully late in adding his information here. So I've added On the Cusp and will continue to add arts related blogs as they turn up. I'm so happy and proud of the work iMOCA continues to bring in and it's in large part due to Christopher West. (And it sounds like several local bloggers attended the show -- cool!)

In the meantime, On the Cusp is reporting the rumor that consultant and former Whitney director Maxwell Anderson will be the new executive director of the IMA. It's been a long search and considering how many large museums in the US have top positions open right now, apparently a fruitful one. iMOCA is also looking for an executive director also and hoping for as productive a result.

Update: And it's official. WFYI reported it this morning that Anderson is the new IMA director.


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