Friday, March 24, 2006

Those Damn Brits and their Hauntings

My latest guilty pleasure involves the Travel Channel, my couch, and half of Britain's resident ghosts. Thanks to mediums like Derek Acorah, I'm officially obsessed with the latest British exports -- Most Haunted and Derek Acorah's Ghost Town. Those wacky British are exporting some of the best stuff since Colin Firth took off his shirt and dove into the lake naked.

This little ghost problem started last Halloween when a British team of mediums broadcast a live show where they spent the darkest part of night tramping around London's East End looking for historical haunts and spirits. Due to the time change, it was on live here earlier in the evening and after watching mediums "contact" spirits, move tables, see orbs and hear odd noises, I was hooked. Each week on Most Haunted, a team spends 24 hours in a supposedly haunted locale (usually a castle or an inn) and with a historian and mediums listening to bumps in the night. Creepy!!!

In Ghost Town, the Ghost Truck (a large production truck) and team, lead by medium Derek Acorah, arrives in a different British city and townsfolk submit their hauntings while the team roams around town and tries to shed some light on heavy footsteps, odd smells, cold spots, and other paranormal activity. Derek usually gets possessed and spends a lot of time talking to his spirit guide "Sam". Shows are on Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. and in a more practical way, Saturday mornings at 10:00. (I haven't had this much fun with guilty pleasure Saturday morning TV since Nash Bridges went of the air.)


At Fri Mar 24, 08:40:00 AM, Blogger Marc said...

What they got wrong with the disappointing Most Haunted, they got totally right with Ghost Towns.

Haunted houses - lengthy analysis - Yvette + (more Derek)*2 + frequent posessions + random Brits = RATINGS

At Fri Mar 24, 03:10:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Those are fun to watch! My daughter got to be in an episode of Ghost Hunters once.

At Sun Apr 02, 10:20:00 AM, Blogger Brian D. said...

Since I don't have cable I can't comment on the shows, but Hannah House often has sleepovers for those who are curious and want to hunt down ghosts and other paranormal activity.

I've always wanted to go.


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