Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My New Boyfriend is a Tow Truck Driver...

(or why being single can be a pain in the ass.)

About a month ago I had a little episode involving lost car keys, my car and a tow truck driver. I love my Ford dealership. They always say "don't worry...we'll take care of everything." If only I'd always known that all could be made right with the world by writing a big fat check. Well, I know now.

So, last night, after a meeting downtown, I went to get in my car, and couldn't get the key into the ignition lock. Literally, the key wouldn't go in. It was as if I was in a bad Twilight Zone episode with a car that *looked* just like mine right down to the stale Starbucks cup and old art exhibit catalog in the backseat.

This morning, the solution? Why, get it to the dealership, of course. Not a problem thanks to my new boyfriend who drives the tow truck. Why, I've spent more quality time with him in the last month than the last two men I've dated. On our long, slow drives to Brownsburg, we've talked about life and shared our secrets. We haven't slept together yet, but if the towing bill gets any higher, I might be willing to discuss it.

What I want to know is why I'm suddenly having bad key-karma? Have I spent too many years thwarting the efforts of my keys to go missing? Have I alienated the key gods by using my automatic lock/unlock too much? Is it just my time of the month -- you know, *Key* MS (hahahaha). Who knows. I just know that this whole relationship with my new boyfriend the tow truck driver has to stop. I never broke up with someone before by getting a new car. Maybe it's time to try it.


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