Tuesday, November 22, 2005


First the parking tickets (two weeks ago) and now this! Last night, my enjoyment of the new Harry Potter movie was significantly decreased when afterwards I discovered my wallet had been lifted from my purse during the movie! Stolen right out of my handbag sitting the seat next to me -- by one of the three teenagers sitting behind me. One of my credit cards (brand new still needing to be activated) was on the floor in the row behind me.

I don't keep much useful stuff in my wallet besides the obvious and cancelled all credit cards within half an hour. (Heh -- take *that*, wallet stealers!) Getting a new driver's license is a pain especially since I'm taking a driving trip on the weekend. I'm off to the bank today and the BMV for new cards and licenses. Luckily, one of my credit card companies is overnighting me a new card and it will be here on Weds. (Always a hassle to lose the B&N card, the Body Shop card, and the card full of punches for $20 free stuff at the beauty supply store.) Otherwise, I lost $4 and a Starbucks card. Still. What a hassle. So much for giving credit to the youth of today. I hope all this atonement is going to be worth it! Thank goodness they didn't get the whole purse (one of my favorites) or my phone. Replacing the phone and lost numbers would be a *much* bigger pain in the ass.


At Tue Nov 22, 02:59:00 PM, Blogger torporific said...

Well, what can you expect when you go to a Harry Potter movie? That's a rough crowd.

Sorry to hear that though, it's one of my biggest fears. I'd be so lost.


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