Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bush's Empty Pockets

Heh -- A South American reporter asked President Bush what he carries in his pockets. Bush pulled out a white handkerchief:

"Es todo," Bush told the Spanish-speaking reporter, meaning the handkerchief was all. "No dinero, no mas. No wallet."

The Argentine reporter, who interviewed Bush at the White House with other journalists from the Latin American media, asked the president if he even had a watch.

"Si, Timex," Bush said, thrusting out his wrist to show off a timepiece that had his middle initial, W, on the face. "But I'm not supposed to be endorsing products."

As a woman, I'm fascinated with the stuff men carry around in their pockets. Sure, we girls have handbags, but we have stuff -- you know, lip gloss. Guys have to get business cards, wallets, mobile phones, keys, Blackberrys, pens, change, and all manner of other things stuffed in there. And they still have to look good with no sagging pockets or unsightly holster belts. (As Indy Men's Magazine fashionista Julia Spalding says: "No gadget is important enough to have its own holster.") So, here's a little tip-o-the-hat to the men out there toting all that stuff. Just think, you only have to become leader of the free world to empty those pockets once and for all!

Thanks to the Erudite Redneck for the pointer. (BTW, he thinks Bill Richardson will be the next GOP Presidential candidate.)


At Mon Nov 07, 10:13:00 AM, Blogger torporific said...

I agree. I have long said that no one should wear belt accoutrements. I don't like to put anything in my trouser pockets. (wallet, mobile, keys). I am fine in the winter because I can stuff it all in my jacket.

In the summer I shove it all in my wife's purse while she's not looking.

At Mon Nov 07, 11:43:00 AM, Anonymous Steph Mineart said...

If you love looking at other people's geek bling bags, there's a whole Flickr photo pool called "What's in My Bag?" where both guys and girls lay out everything they carry and explain it. It's fascinating, and I've picked up some great tips.

At Mon Nov 07, 09:58:00 PM, Blogger braingirl said...

Ahahaha! That site is very very funny. I love how "bag" is practically suitcase. Although, I've been guilty of carrying an overly large, overstuffed briefcase for years. Once, I was pulled over by a state trooper who sighed at me as I dug through my *huge* bag looking for my drivers license. With no irony at all, she said "I know, it's a big life."


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