Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Book News Roundup

Busy busy this week while I conduct a little bidness. So here's one from the vault, boys and girls. Actually, just from, um, last week. (Hey, I can a few of these in advance, so sue me.) No, seriously. Launching the company this week, so here's a little news from book world.

If you liked Matthew Pearl's The Dante Club (about a mystery solved by Boston poets Wordsworth, Longfellow and others), you'll like his next one, The Poe Shadow about a young lawyer investigating Poe's death. Look for The Dante Club on the big screen soon. The script will be making the rounds in Hollywood later this year from Imagine Entertainment...If you like historical figures in fictional settings, check out the upcoming The Name of Action from Jeb Rubenfeld where even Sigmund Freud solves a Manhattan murder....Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) has a new book coming next May about the Boston Strangler. A Death in Belmont delves into the criminal justice system at the time and all that it involved....Publishers note that the biopic Capote (in theaters now) has generated interest (and, unusually for a movie tie-in, actual sales) in both the Clark biography the book was based on (Capote: A Life) and In Cold Blood, as central a character in the movie as dear old Tru himself. Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as the flamboyant author, by the way.

And in Ft Wayne: And on the smaller side, Hyde Brothers Booksellers, Fort Wayne, Ind., has opened an 800-sq.-ft. addition that took five years to build and contain some 40,000 books, according to the Journal Gazette. The 13-year-old store had been crammed with 125,000 volumes.


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