Monday, April 04, 2005

Latest Indy Star Poll

Interesting article in the Indianapolis Star over the weekend about Hoosier opinions on change. Included with the typical state and national “right track/wrong track” questions, they also polled on several hot issues in the state today, Daylight Savings Time, the gay marriage amendment and voter IDs at the polls.

Gay Marriage: 56% in favor (51% of D’s; 69% of R’s, 50% I’s)
Voter ID: 77% in favor (22% opposed)
DST: 56% in favor (37% opposed) (This issue presented the most vehement opinions on the split, and is also split between urban and rural areas.)

Interestingly enough, while Bosma and other House Republicans have come out publically against Daniel’s proposed temporary 1% tax on those making more than $100K a year, the Star’s poll found 59% in favor, 32% opposed, although some argue those in favor are only those making more than $100K a year. (Margin of error +/- 3.1%.)


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