Wednesday, March 30, 2005

DST -- Not DOA After All

Thank Gopod for Doug Masson keeping track of this because I've been too busy to run this to ground. Looks like the strip-and-insert in the Indiana Senate could work with Daylight Savings Time, but the bill they'll be gutting is the popular speed limit bill. As Doug says, the good news is we'll be on the same time as Ohio. The bad news is that without the 70 mile an hour speed limit it will take longer to get there. (Come on, it won't take an extra *hour*.) Hey, at least you'll save gas and at $2.30 a gallon that can't be bad. Last I checked, it was the Dems driving that crazy 55-miles-per-hour speed limit in the 70s gas crisis. I can live just fine with 65 miles an hour in order to get that extra hour of summer sun. If all goes well, time would change on June 5! Update at World from a Doug Perspective


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