Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Not Bitter...Schiavo Redux

So, this afternoon, I'm scanning the news. The headline said Schiavo Family Asks for Privacy. Of all the media coverage, this headline made more angry than I've been in the past two weeks. The Schiavo family asks for privacy? What a load of horseshit. They've dragged our entire country into their personal issue and they have the gall to ask for privacy?

Privacy is the last thing the Schindlers have wanted in this very public struggle for their daughter's peace. They've been vocal, manipulative, and eager to exploit any person or group who could help their cause. They've played to every media outlet, pimped themselves to Jesse Jackson, and even lobbied for Congress to involve themselves a controversial -- and extremely questionable -- legislative action. They've been quick to let anyone attach themselves to their cause for the publicity or gross political gain. They've publicly begged for help from everyone including the Florida state legislature, the Florida governor, the US Congress, the President of the United States, the Supreme Court, religious leaders, and right-to-life activists even though their requests defied law. They didn't win a single court battle in their seven-year-long case.

Of all the posturing, manipulation, denials, and family infighting that we as a nation have been exposed to -- drug into -- none has made me so angry as their request, now that their daughter is dead, for privacy. Privacy is what Terri's husband Michael has maintained all along, and now that that these public parents have lost their fight, they have further use for activism or for anyone who put faith their cause. They only want to drop out of sight and mourn. For all the people who saw them as more than just parents, as more than just people fighting for her life, as a beacon in the right to life movement, and for all those who saw them wield their power, they are done. Their capacity for denial in their daughter's condition is over and they're moving on. Well, so long Schindlers. Thanks for taking charge of our national perspective for a short time to do nothing but further your personal cause. Now that Terri is finally resting in peace, enjoy your privacy. We've all earned it.


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