Monday, March 28, 2005

Stewart Asks Judge to Release Her

Poor Martha. After all the good she did stepping up and serving her time, she's back in court, this time asking a judge to suspend the rest of her sentence, mainly the house arrest (from the New York Daily News.) Supported by affidavits from Susan Lyne, CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and Mark Burnett, producer of Stewart's upcoming reality show, Stewart's attorneys asked the judge to free her so she can rescue her firm -- and, as Burnett states, so she can wear skirts and dresses without the unsightly ankle bracelet. Come on, Martha. Are we back to getting bad advice? I hope your not surprised when the Federal court judge turns this request down. Besides, I think it would have been cool on an apprentice-like show to have all the contestants head out to Martha's "farm" to go through their elimination. They can see first hand what happens when CEOs play too fast and loose with the law.


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