Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MJ Update 3/28

Testimony progresses for the prosecution. And as promised, Judge Melville ruled on the admissibility of previous alleged molestations in Jackson's past. After a three-hour hearing on Monday morning, Melville said that jurors can hear testimony about five boys who Jackson may have sexually abused or tried to seduce prior to the current case against him.

The victim in the Chandler case publicly settled in 1992 for $20 million will not testify. However, the son of a former Jackson maid paid $2 million in 1994 will testify. It is expected the boy will testify that Jackson groped him on three occasions. Macauly Culkin is the third case the prosecutors will bring up with third party witnesses, however Culkin has always denied any abuse. Prosecutors can also bring up two additional cases where Jackson paid to settle child abuse allegations although the amounts of money paid will not be revealed. The defense will maintain that these instances were all people seeking money from a celebrity. Reports are that Mesereau argued vehemently against this motion since this will most likely weaken his case substantially.

Friday and Monday saw testimony from various fingerprint experts (even the judge was bored) with the defense following a "mishandling of evidence" strategy focused on the magazine with both Jackson and the accusers fingerprint. Also on Monday, comedian George Lopez testified about his relationship with the family and various fundraisers, questions of mis-used money and the stolen wallet. The prosecutors are focusing on the father as the mis-user of money. Most celebrities have testified that it was the father asking for more.


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