Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just One of Those Days

This is why I'm not a journalist. There are days like today when I'm too busy or too tired or just plain cranky and it affects my world view. If I worked in daily news, there would be days like today when I just couldn't do it anymore, days when I just couldn't bear the hypocrisy, the ridiculousness, the need to report on something that just needs to go away. But being a news junky with a healthy journalism school dose of knowing how to read between the lines is so much more fun. I get to keep up with what interests me and blow off what doesn't. Even so, there are still days like today. What in the H-E-double hockeysticks was it about the headlines today? I have to just chalk it up to being one of those days:

Science news: Study Says Dandruff a Major Cause of Pollution

In Jerusalem: Koran Scholar Says US Will Cease to Exist in 2007

In Indianapolis: Police Find Undelivered Mail from 1990s in Carrier's Home

On Drudge: Teen Beats Up Girlfriend for Voting for Kerry


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