Thursday, March 03, 2005

MJ Day 3

Updates from Weds:

  • Judge Melville clarified testimony by prosecution witness Ann Kite that she worked for Jackson's attorney (not for Jackson) and that doing damage control for Jackson was her interpretation of what she was hired to do. (But based on the job, it's pretty clear what she was hired to do.)
  • Kite of her own accord brought up the 1993 child molestation allegations in her testimony. Melville has not yet ruled on whether prosecutors can present evidence from the 1993.
  • Will Jackson testify? He's not currently on the defense witness list but could be added. Concern would be that it would open him up to cross examination (It would be worth it just to see him lose it with Sneddon.)
  • Melville has yet to rule on whether or not journalist Martin Bashir will be held in contempt of court. Mesereau says he will call Bashir as a defense witness. Melville said he would decide after Mesereau shows why he should testify.


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