Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Publishing It at Home

I'm blown away every day by the terrific blogging work I see out there. It's hard to separate it from the sheer amount of really awful stuff. But, really, it's all relative. It sorts itself out when you read what you like, just like regular publishing. With all the talk about media reform and what the Democratic party needs to do to come together and elect someone, DailyKos has a great piece asking why more progressive authors don't choose independent publishers over the corporate behemoth media giants. It's an interesting dilemma. It would be much harder for small publishers to get books into the places where they sell, but if the bookselling channel became more driven by what booksellers wanted instead of what major publishers were pushing them, it might work. It's too bad that small independent booksellers make up such a small percentage of most publishers' business. And also too bad that national buyers for chains, the gatekeepers who decide what you read, don't make nearly the educated decisions that anyone gives them credit for. Great article on Independent Publishers.


At Tue Mar 08, 03:59:00 PM, Blogger Doug said...

This probably isn't relevant to your post, but since you mentioned DailyKos, I'm just blown away by the interface he has going there. With the diary entries, personal accounts, comment searches, and general volume of contributors, he has quite a liberal engine.


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