Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MJ Update -- 3/22

Wow, this Schiavo thing is crazy. It's knocked MJ right out of the news cycle. I had to go digging for my updates.

Yesterday, the child abuse specialist continued on the stand through cross ex with Mesereau working hard to try to discredit the child. The psychologist testified that children lied in only about 6 percent of cases.

The prosecution also called flight attendant Lauren Wallace who testified that in 2003 and 2004, she served Jackson wine in Diet Coke cans on private jets. She also testified that she kept small liquor bottles out of reach of small children and that she never saw any drunk kids on the flights. In re-direct, prosecution clarified that she was not the flight attendant on the Miami flight in question.

Day ended with prosecution calling comedian Louise Palanker who met the children at a comedy camp and had given the family financial assistant.

Tuesday: Today began with continued testimony from Palanker who says the mother called her in tears after the Bashir video aired and said they weren't being allowed to leave the Jackson ranch. (Short testimony today. No reason stated. Jackson was in court and apparently feeling somewhat better.)


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