Monday, March 21, 2005

AP Gives Just the Facts and More

Today's NY Times was just chock full of bloggity goodness including the short article on the Associated Press. In an effort to stay competitive, AP has started transmitting articles with both a regular lead (or lede, some say), with an optional lead providing more descriptive imagery. It's an effort for the 156-year old agency to stay competitive. Optional leads not available to Internet providers but are only for the 1500 daily print newspapers currently members. An example:
Straight lead: LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A jury acquitted tough-guy actor Robert Blake of murder Wednesday in the shooting death of his wife four years ago, bringing a dramatic end to a case that played out like pulp fiction.

Optional lead: LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Robert Blake left court playing a role he hasn't known for a long time: that of a man no longer charged with killing his wife, non longer cast as the lead villain in a bizarre murder trial.
I think they should just go all the way with the Tabloid Lead: LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Robert Blake gets off in dramatic last minute jury thriller involving his wife and a hit man! Or maybe the Lifestyles Lead: LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A Los Angeles jury acquitted aging actor Robert Blake who sported a shock of white hair and a rugged look while thanking supporters. Or... maybe a, oh, I could do this all day.


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