Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Playgirl Editor Fired

As noted here last week, Playgirl's Editor-in-Chief came out in last month's editorial as -- gasp -- Republican! As of yesterday, Drudge (muckraker to the stars) is reporting that she has been fired for her political leanings "after an onslaught of liberal backlash."

"Hello Drudge, "After your coverage of my article about coming out and voting Republican, I did receive many letters of support from fellow Republican voters, but it was not without repercussions. Criticism from the liberal left ensued. A few days after the onslaught of liberal backlash, I was released from my duties at Playgirl magazine. "After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican."I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views."

I'd think she's either got on hell of a lawsuit or she's giving Matt Drudge way too much credit.


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