Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Voter ID Passes Indiana House

Woke up to this news this morning. Doug Masson gives a helpful summary of the SB483, the bill requiring photo identification at the polls. I don't think this is a bad bill. We have DMV voter registration in Indiana (for both drivers and state ID card carriers) and this bill has provisions for non-ID carriers, so I'm just not buying the state Dems objections. But ultimately most significant about this issue is that it's one of the sticking points that House Minority Leader Bauer used as a sticking point for the walkout at the half-session point. State R's were able to work this from the Senate side as this was on Bosma's hit list of resurrected issues, but I'm still bitter that daylight savings time got caught in the middle of a pointless power struggle. Ah, well, another summer of early nights. I'll remember the small victories when I whip out my drivers license at the polling booth for ID.


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