Sunday, March 20, 2005

Schiavo and the DC Buzz

Am back from a long weekend and still full of food and mellowness. But the big buzz inside the beltway was about two things: Clinton as the next possible head of the UN and the sad case of Terry Schiavo. As a Republican, I wish some members of my party would just shut the hell up and let this poor woman die in peace. I wish her family could finally face the reality that she's not coming back, even if she does blink at them. And I wish the Christians who are protesting for Terry's right to live, would spend one half the time, energy and effort into improving the lives of living people. Before I could even draft a complicated and long thought, I found The Curmudgeon has an interesting take which helps start to explore the issue. Right-to-lifers should be more consistent and a lot of what he says gets to the kernel of what bothers me about these willing-to-jump-on-any-bandwagon Christians and politicians. Now, if Howard Dean could just stop calling Republicans "brain dead", I might actually stop and listen to him long enough to be embraced by what he's doing over at the DNC. But the Dems aren't going to solve their problems by alienating those of us in the middle who would be willing to listen if they'd stop spouting bitter invective long enough to say something of interest.


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