Monday, August 14, 2006

A-B-C: Anyone But Carson

Eric Dickerson is finally making a little noise over in the IN-07 race against Democrat incumbant Julia Carson. Dickerson can often been seen on neighborhood streets in his self-funded RV. In fact, the Marian County GOP has made it clear they won't be supporting him financially saying his race isn't a "key race". With $300,000 in the bank, Carson is surprisingly well funded. Dickerson has only raised about $33,000 as of the last financial disclosure.

But it may be time for Carson to start working for this seat. Considering the lack of local/state GOP support for the last three challengers, the fact that anyone is willing to take her on is a testament to how much this district wants change.

Meanwhile, Dickerson gained some attention this week by questioning a new restaurant that will be serving alcohol inside the Carson Government Center on Fall Creek Parkway. While making it clear he suspected Carson had no involvement, he questioned decisions made by Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer who awarded the space with no outside input.

Several bloggers have had write-ups on this particular flap lately, but none better than RiShawn Biddle's today. Biddle nails the problems exactly from failed local and township leadership to what should be great disappointment in Julia Carson.


At Tue Aug 15, 02:26:00 PM, Blogger lemming said...

I have nothing personally against Carson. But (and you knew there would be a but) when ill health means that you can't do your job properly, STEP DOWN.


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