Friday, July 28, 2006

Catching Up with HAMB

Long summer. Too hot. Very busy. Work taking over. Still training. No time. Need sleep. More coffee. More water. These days it's all about needs. Soon, I'll be back at it every day. In the meantime, here's something to hold you over.

11:00 a.m. Air Raid is back! It seems that once the World Cup was over, Jim found that blogging helped exercise his writing muscles instead of sapping his creative energy. I like to think of it as a great warm up exercise to keep the brain engaged. I'm glad he's back! Friday 11:00 a.m air raids weren't the same without him.

Lance Bass is out! I only mention this because a friend of mine is the literary agent for his partner's book. Confused? Not as confused as many of his fans.

Triathlon fever. OK, not fever. Maybe just a hot flash. My first triathlon was fine but the crowds and logistics were a bit of a freakshow. 4000 competitors, all women, and 10,000+ people with spectators, families, and friends. It was, in a word? Nuts. But, you know, I'm doing it again, so what do I know.

Hot hot hot RCA finals. Sun, booze slushees, great seats, hot (and I do mean *hot*, as in sweaty) attractive men dueling it out on the hard court. What's not to love? We tried to pay one of the girls $10 to yell "Blake is a hottie!" during a quiet moment, but she wouldn't do it.

Not again. Tour de France officials are saying today that winner, American Floyd Landis, may have failed a drug test during the race, testing positive for abnormally high levels of testosterone. No word yet on sanctions. In the meantime, Landis appears to have pulled out of some high profile events and may be undergoing treatment for his injured hip. Note that many of the riders caught up in the pre-tour bust have been cleared (not Ulrich, though). Of course, there hasn't been much press on that. The cycling world waits to see how Landis B sample tests.

Former Indy Star Columnist Ruth Holladay starts her own blog. She inaugurates it by blasting the newspaper for disabling 911 calling from the newsroom which she believes contributed to photographer Mpozi Tolbert's death. Look for the same ranting, slightly mis-informed edgy columns you knew her for in the Star, only without a strong editorial hand to ensure she gets her facts straight.

On the Central Library Fiasco: Speaking of the Star, if you haven't yet read their in-depth investigative piece on the Central Library project, do. It's a nice piece of reporting and should be required reading as a cautionary tale for anyone serving on a board or committee. Some have tried to play it up as a political issue, but the real lesson here is the failure in oversight. The people on this board weren't (and aren't) construction experts or engineers. I wouldn't presume to tell my general contractor how to build my house, and here we have an entire library board who decided they could manage a $100 million construction project. Sadly, their mistakes will be affect funding for a large number of unrelated library programs over the next few years.

And last but not least, Danica Patrick moves to Andretti Green Racing: I wonder if this will make it harder for her to get on David Letterman's show?


At Mon Jul 31, 04:07:00 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Thanks for the welcome back!

Have you started reading Freakonomics yet? If so, what do you think? I've been thinking about picking it up.

At Mon Jul 31, 04:10:00 PM, Anonymous braingirl said...

Ah, yes! I've read it (need to update the books column) and liked it. It's definitely Econ Lite, but a fun read and each of his chapters has a very specific premise it discusses. My favorite? If drug dealers all make so much money, how come they all life at home with their moms. Worth picking it up.


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