Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Bucketful of Pointers

Summer vacation has kicked in. Actually, I've been slammed with work and even with the holiday, the blogging vacation has kicked in. In lieu of anything actually, you know, original, I give you a blog full of pointers today!

*This weekend, I will be in Chicago, doing this crazy thing. Go, me! Go Danskin!

*Congratulations to Jason at Four Square 266 -- he finally finished the nursery. And their baby promptly showed up! Welcome to the planet, Jacob Daniel.

*In the no-shit-Sherlock department, finally, someone realizes crime is up in Indianapolis. Yes, it is. Now will someone please do something about it? From Abdul Hakim-Shabazz at Indiana Barrister.

*Indianapolis Star photographer Mpozi Tolbert collapsed and died in the newsroom last week. No word yet on the cause. Post comments at On the Cusp.


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