Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Maybe it's just my morning mood, or maybe it's the dreaded 06/06/06 date but what the H-E-Doublehockeysticks is going on around Indianapolis? At what point is someone going to start asking questions about the IPD, their ability to fight (and even prevent crime), and Brizzi's tactics as crime-fighting-overlord in the city. To wit:

Another shooting on the Eastside -- This time with four people in the home (including one child), three adults are shot, one seriously injured during a ... wait for it ... robbery on the east side. Only a mile from the house where *7 people* were shot in killed in a robbery last week, here you have the same MO, only this time no one died. I can see why a criminal would think a home invasion would be so lucrative because it obviously worked so well the last time!

"But, they shot first!": Stuart and Turner, the two suspects in last week's mass killing, are finally starting to talk. And what we've learned so far? Well Stuart says one of the victims drew a gun and was about to shoot Turner, so Stuart shot first. Turner took care of the rest. Proving once again that we really are still all in first grade.

And in another head scratcher: An IPD officer is arrested for DWI for a second time in a year and still on the force. Last time, after an off-duty security job in Broad Ripple, this guy got in his car and drove away under the watchful eyes of his fellow officers who promptly arrested him. This time, he was caught weaving down Keystone -- having just come from Broad Ripple. After the last incident, he was suspended for 45 days and sent to treatment. Now, I'm all about second chances, but why is no one asking the obvious question: How is this guy still an IPD officer?


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