Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here and There and Back Again

I'm traveling this week and weekend so this may be all you get until next week. (Then I'm out again but may be able to share some dispatches from the hinterlands.) In the meantime, here are a few tidbits that have been accumulating.

Are you red or are you blue? Sadly, 11:00 a.m. Air Raid calls it quits leaving the rest of us to deal with the actual 11:00 Friday air raids on our own. I understand first hand the difficulties in balancing blogging, work, and life as well as blogging and writing. It's a personal struggle each of us has to solve in our own way -- and productively. Here's to hoping he can figure it out or he appears in a blog in another form. How else will I get my footie fix?

Speaking of Done ... Buffalo Wings and Vodka has a significant announcement. That's done with law school, folks. It's the shortest posts that say the most.

Beating a Dead Horse, Pt II: Doug Masson blogged on Bosma's prayer appeal last week and I meant to link since he rails on it better than I would have. Bosma is milking this prayer appeal for all it's worth. And in the "I Think I'm Going to Throw Up" category, Mike Delph used way to much valuable editorial page space in last Sunday's Star describing his "Contract with Indiana" which, of course, includes restoring hand-raising, praise-Jesus loving sectarian prayer to the statehouse. "Senators should invite members of the faith-based community in their districts to open our sessions in prayer." Wow, Mike, do you think they could invite Jewish, Wiccan, Islamic, and even, gasp, Episcopalian clergy? There's never a gay priest around when you need one.

And in the News that Wasn't News Category: I thought Karl Rove was supposed to be indicted and resign last Monday? Hmmm. Maybe the blog world got it wrong this time. In the blog world it's always a new day (and no one knows you're a dog -- old Internet joke.)


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