Monday, October 31, 2005

Whee! The Last Wacky Time Weekend!

I love Doug Masson, but I couldn't disagree with him more on the time change. I'm not a native of Indiana so I guess I don't understand how the deep basis of this time issue is historically and culturally driven. But, it is, and as an outsider, it's ridiculous. (I'm sure someone would agree the pork debate in Oklahoma is equally frivolous, or the amount of energy spent on the OU/OSU rivalry, so I'm not saying I don't see how it could happen.)

But I, for one, am thrilled that this is the last weekend I'll have to switch time zones! (Yes, I know we don't actually switch time zones, but it's the equivalent of it.) It's the last weekend that in every aspect of my business, I have to worry about 2 hours versus 3 hours, 1 versus 2. It's the last time I have to keep track of whether or not I'm going to be on time if I go to Chicago (or an hour early). The whole thing that I never understood about this debate is why it's supposed to better for me to rework *my* whole life and schedule based on what the rest of the country is doing! Plus, I'm very excited about the extra hour of daylight we'll get next summer at the end of the day. More bike riding, cooking out, evenings with friends, working in the yard, ahhh, I'm looking forward to Spring already.


At Mon Oct 31, 01:08:00 PM, Blogger torporific said...

I am glad too, but I wish the entire state were on the same time zone. Now, the way it looks, I'm going to be an hour ahead of my family. On the other hand, this could work in my favor since I am always late.

At Mon Oct 31, 02:09:00 PM, Anonymous braingirl said...

Seems like I've always been on different times than my family. It was never an issue except when my mom used to call me at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays her time when I lived in California -- usually a very scary 8 a.m. wake-up call.

At Mon Oct 31, 09:10:00 PM, Blogger Marie said...

I'm with you on this one. I work in OH and will be happy to be on the same time.

I do enjoy getting home an hour before I left.

At Tue Nov 01, 10:58:00 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Lemmings! :-) If people in all the other states were jumping off bridges, would you?

Indiana is just in a bad place, time zone wise. Geographically, it's clearly Central. Culturally, there is a lot of Eastern. If the whole state were on one time zone, I doubt the Daylight Saving Time would have been much of a problem. As it is, back in 1968, they moved the time line from the center of the state almost to the western edge and, at the same time, allowed the eastern time zone to abstain from DST.

That compromise worked for the better part of 40 years. Now Governor Daniels is "fixing" the "problem". So, this time next year, the sun won't rise until 8:30 in the morning, and I'm going to be cranky about it.

At Wed Nov 02, 10:13:00 AM, Blogger braingirl said...

We can't help it that you just don't know any better. Seriously, IN is out of whack -- and if you've lived anywhere else in the country, you'd be used to it. Embrace change! Be happy!

And nice plug from Scott Jones re: DST being the first step to helping our economic development.

At Thu Nov 03, 08:23:00 AM, Blogger braingirl said...

Doug, this time next year, the sun will rise exactly when it's rising. DST won't change our winter time -- We'll still be on the same Eastern Standard Time. In the fall, we'll "fall back". So no need to get cranky -- same time next year!


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