Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The IndyBuzz Schedule of Events

John Clark over at IndyBuzz is doing an amazing job of tracking events in Indianapolis that no one ever hears about -- and that are incredible opportunities. Sorting by topic such as Africa, ecology, culture, immigration, global business, interfaith issues, peacemaking, poverty and even food. I'm awed by some of the people who will be in Indy over the next few weeks sharing their expertise and pushing us all to think a little bit more about the world around us. Some events not to miss:

* A showing of Hotel Rwanda and an evening with Paul Rusesabagina
* A lecture with futurist Stewart Brand on Time and Timelessness (I worked with Brand in a past life)
* Appearances and lectures by Soledad O'Brien, Randall Tobias, Wendell Berry, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Bill Clinton.

And so much more. Truly Buzzworthy. Thanks, John for this amazing labor.


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