Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome back!

At least to me...I've been a bad, bad blogger. First, I stopped writing, then I stopped reading. Really, that's all it was. I didn't stop logging in, or blogging, or any of those other things people get so hung up on doing. I just quit writing. Simple as that.

I think anyone who writes knows it's hard. It takes something out of you. It makes you just a little sad. I can't explain it. But with a few other things cooking in my life right now, writing just got squeezed out. But, I'm back now. I've conquered the hardest part for now.

In the past 7 weeks, I've done some terrific things and had some amazing experiences and I'm sure they'll make appearances as new fodder. I don't blog to journal. I blog to take a funny thought or quirky view and share it with everyone. And, as usual, the venerable Ms. Laura Lemay is my best roll model. I'll blog when I have something interesting to say.

Oh, and to update the Erudite Redneck, as of yesterday, the wheat looks terrific: Lush, big heads, nice berries, and so much of it. They expect to get it in next week. Until then, everyone is sweating the weather -- pray for no hail, tornados or even hard rain in the Panhandle for the next week. Once the wheat is in, it can storm away. (My father still occasionally tells the story of the year he and my mom drove up from their home at the time in Wichita Falls. There was a tornado on the ground as they were driving in. The combines made one short pass and they got one truckload of grain in the elevator before the crop was *gone*.)


At Thu Jun 16, 08:41:00 PM, Blogger Erudite Redneck said...

"They're never gonna believe this back in Wichita Falls."

Name the movie! :-)

"We're getting these mesoscale convection complexes coming in tonight," Dr. ER says.


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