Saturday, May 21, 2005

Crazy Kessler House for Sale!

What a half-assed blogger I've been lately. I have no apologies to make. I could lie and say it's the weather, or job or whatever, but the reality is that I've been just plain lazy. Oh, and it's been sweeps week with season finales on TV. But, onward to bigger and more trite things!

The IndyStar is reporting that the crazy covered-with-lights house on Kessler is up for sale! For those who haven't seen it, let me only say it is the Winchester mystery house of the Midwest done in full white 80s style. Imagine a house that has grown in and back upon itself all the while sprouting weird gargoyles (on it's 80s style white slopped eaves) and more and more of those heinous fake Victorian globe lamps. Also bright white. Who knows what it's been built for (they say parties, although I've never heard of one there) and who knows who'll actually buy it. Talk about lookie-lous for the open houses -- this one will have them! Whole article (with no pictures of the outside, damn them) and one picture of one of the freaky interior "party rooms."


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