Saturday, May 21, 2005

Japanese Salarymen Lose the Suits

In Japan, business executives are stepping up for their new BizCool campaign. No, it's no how to be "cool" in business, it's how to survive the sweltering 82 degree temperature settings that offices are being encouraged to follow. In a move to save energy this summer and cut back on greenhouse gases, Japan is stepping up.

But in a culture where the suit is just as important as the job itself, can salarymen (and increasingly salarywomen) learn to function in short sleeves and khakis? To help out, the government has enlisted support of top CEOs. The idea being that if the boss is dressing down, then it will be OK for employees to dress down also. No word yet on how this will take, but BizCool is touted now in store windows, displays, office memos and television commercials. Time will tell whether Japanese business culture will lose the suit. I'm going to be more interested in how that 82 degree thermostat setting holds out.


At Mon May 23, 11:58:00 PM, Blogger torporific said...

82 degrees? That's ridiculous. I'd show to work in boxers, a wifebeater and adidas sandals.


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