Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Zing Go the Strings of My Heart!

Meanwhile, over at Indyscribe.com, Steph Minneart describes (in interesting detail, actually) her upcoming open heart surgery. Her doctors will be fixing a valve and her heart strings. Not that the rest of us knew there really were heart strings:

Anther potential problem is that my heart strings could give out. What this means is that the mitral valve is anchored by strings of tissue that act like the cables of the golden gate bridge, or like the lines of a parachute. They keep the valve from being open permanently. It's possible for these strings to stretch because the valve doesn't close, and they can also snap, which can cause the valve to fail.

I had no idea that the phrase "tugging at your heart strings" had a real-life source. Interesting.

While I usually repair broken heart strings with chocolate and/or tequila (metaphorically speaking), Steph's will be fixed with Gore-tex. Romantic.


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