Monday, April 25, 2005

Daylight Savings Time -- Final Week

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Indiana lawmakers could vote on SB 127 as early as tomorrow. Out of committee, the bill must now clear the Senate and the House before session ends on Friday. The governor will sign the bill. Final changes, as I understand them are that we would observe daylight savings time as of next year and the governor would petition the Department of Transportation to hold hearings to decide what time zone Indiana should fall in to. Some interesting comments from folks in the article on where they fall. I firmly believe that once this time change happens, people are going to happy with the extra hour of sun in the summer and reluctant to change to Central time, but we shall see. I'll just be happy to look forward to next April.


At Wed May 18, 12:13:00 PM, Anonymous PK said...

I am sick of people saying that we, or they, don’t know what time it is in Indiana.

As a Hoosier myself, I have NEVER had a problem knowing what time it is in Indiana. It’s always been a minute later than it was a minute ago…not difficult.
However, it IS a challenge figuring out what time it is in the crazy 47 states that do play around with their clocks.
DST is the real root of the confusion. DST is for dummies.


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