Thursday, April 21, 2005

DST Dead?

Today may be the last chance we have to see legislation regarding daylight savings time to come to the floor of the Indiana legislature. Rumor has it that the conference committee has not -- and may not -- come to an agreement on a compromise situation and that the bill may die in committee today. Republican members of the committee can replace obstinate democrats in order to come to agreement which may happen later today. The last compromise agreement I heard reported yesterday was that the bill would require all counties would observe DST but the governor would submit a request to the Dept. of Transportation asking for them to hold hearings regarding what time zone or zones our state wants to be in. The county-by-county opt-out language was stricken from the conference committee bill. Frankly, I think it's a fair compromise even though I don't personally relish a statewide timezone debate for the next two years. Article from today's IndyStar with more.


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