Saturday, April 23, 2005

Another Night in the City

It's been a sparse week for writing which just demonstrates that writing takes time -- and writers have to make time for it. In reality, I've been up to my knuckles editing a book, so my own words have been hard to find.

Last night, I stepped out downtown to meet a friend for a cocktail and noticed that it's one of my favorite weeks in Indianapolis -- the week the Star Wars convention is in town. For the past few days, thousands of fans have converged upon the convention center, and with the release of the final movie -- Revenge of the Sith -- a month away, the festivities this year have been more frenzied than usual. In addition to the massive signing halls and product areas, hundreds of costumed fans attend and you can see anything from Wookies to bounty hunters. (I saw no Jar Jars, thank god.) It was with a certain geeky joy that I watched so many Jedi knights and stormtroopers walking through downtown Indianapolis last evening. All the more surreal that it was a major prom night, too. From our window perch at a favorite bar we watched Princess Leias (young ones in Jedi-style Tatooine outfits and older ones camouflage uniforms from the Ewok planet in Return of the Jedi) and Anakin Skywalkers running down the street while beautifully gowned girls -- and their dates in tuxedos -- dodged the heavy rain on their way to and from limousines.

One could say it was just another night downtown in the city, but somehow it was more interesting to watch than the normal round of lobbyists and car parts convention attendees.


At Mon Apr 25, 10:25:00 AM, Blogger Doug said...

IMHO, the younger ones really ought to be wearing the Jabba-style slave girl outfits. But that probably comes from being a 13 year old boy when the Revenge of the Jedi came out.


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