Monday, April 18, 2005

John Kerry Says...Ahahahahaha

They're still asking for money? Maybe the rumors are true! Hillary's going to run and poor John's going to get beaten up by a girl! From Wonkette:
We're not sure why the Friends of John Kerry still need money at this point -- maybe tickets to a Tony Robbins seminar to get their confidence back? Whatever the reason, they're still dialing. — GREG BEATO

Me – "Hello..."
Fred – "Hello Sir, this is Fred from the Friends of John Kerry"
Me – "Oh you have to be fucking kidding me"
Fred – "Sir, as a loyal friend of Senator Kerry..."
Me – "Hey Fred, listen closely for a second OK..."
Fred – "Sir?....I’m calling..."
Me - "Fred, stop and listen to me...OK?"
Fred – "Sure sir, go right ahead."
Me – "Fred you just called me and woke up my sleeping baby daughter presumably to ask for more of my money to give to a guy that’s married to a billionaire and that I watched mount the most inexcusably inept and pathetic Presidential campaign imaginable...."


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