Thursday, March 10, 2005

MJ Update Days 7-8

Yesterday, Day 7, slow day.

The accuser's brother finished testimony for the prosecution in the morning and was cross examined by the defense for most of the day. Most newsworthy seems to be that the boy, tired after 2 days on the stand, stumbled over descriptions when pressed and misidentified a magazine that he was supposed to have viewed with Jackson. Mesereau also spent quite a bit of time on previous cases brought by the boy's parents and whether or not the boy had lied for his parents on previous occasions. The boy admitted he had.

Today, day 8, defense attorney's finished with the younger brother and the prosecution called it's primary witness, the accuser, to the stand. The prosecution presented the bulk of its evidence with the boy facing MJ directly. Boy testified MJ molested him, paraded naked and served the children wine.


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