Thursday, March 24, 2005

MJ Update 3/23-3/24

Weds, jurors took an early break so Melville could hear admissibility arguments regarding the computer hard drives taken from Neverland. The hard drives had more than 1700 images of naked women stored on them. Prosecutors argued it was a circumstantial link and should show the type of images Jackson may have showed to his accuser. Defense attorneys argued the material could have been sent to Jackson unsolicited and that it was unclear if Jackson himself had accessed the images. (I love how they’re still trying to portray Jackson as not just innocent of the crime, but completely clean! Shiny! Pure!) Melville ruled to disallow the computer hard drive evidence as it was impossible to know if Jackson or the child had accessed it.

Also on Weds, Sheriff’s Det. Craig Bonner testified that he had found the adult magazines in a brief case in the Neverland search. No DNA was found on the magazines for either Jackson or the boy (which isn’t unusual, I’d think.) However, fingerprints of both Jackson and the boy were found on at least one magazine. (This is the grand jury magazine issue.)

Last to testify (and to continue on Thursday) is Dr. Antonio Cantu, a Secret Service agent and forensics expert on fingerprint recovery.

In other news: Defense attorney Brian Oxman was taken to the hospital after he had trouble breathing. He’s was admitted for observation of right lung pneumonia. (There was a stray report somewhere that a fan collapsed in the courtroom and had to be taken out on a stretcher but I was unable to find reference to it today. I suspect it was an early report and in the confusion Oxman's collapse was mis-reported as a fan.)

Santa Maria Times has an interesting commentary on Jackson’s mom in the courtroom during the presentation of prosecution exhibits (681 adult magazines)


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