Wednesday, March 02, 2005

MJ Day 2

Yesterday in court:
  • Mesereau finished his opening arguments
  • The jury viewed the Martin Bashir documentary "Living with Michael Jackson"
  • Bashir was cross examined by the defense. Mesereau tried to discredit him with integrity issues. Bashir declined to answer most questions under California's shield law protecting reporters from situation just like this. There's some question of contempt. We'll see if Bashir is recalled.
  • Prosecution called another witness, Ann Gabriel, a PR person called in by Jackson's then attorney to handle "damage control" after the Bashir video aired.

Most interesting to me was the jury reaction (as well as MJ's). From the Santa Maria Times:

Most jurors seemed absorbed by the film. They smiled when the singer's hit songs were played. Several frowned when Jackson talked about his troubled childhood.

They paid close attention during scenes involving the accuser, but displayed no obvious reaction. Jackson's body language varied while the documentary played. During some moments, he bopped his head as hit songs blared from the courtroom speakers.

At other times, including when his accuser was on screen, he covered much of his face with a tissue.


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