Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sister Mary Elizabeth Tells It All

As the city of New York considers its stance on the future of Catholic education, Mary Elizabeth Williams (who I used to dish often in SF with about Anna Nicole Smith!) tells you the great benefits she's had in life from attending Catholic school. (And "benefits" is a broad term!) From the Observer:

My eight years of religious education may have been cruel and often grueling, but they paid for themselves in getting me action. You want to take away Catholic schools? O.K., but don’t come crying to me in 20 years when you have to go tapping the Mormon states to find the kind of girls who can give you something to repent about.

She also covers the great influence a Catholic education has had on others:

That’s the power of the uniform: It’s a social leveler, it’s your gang colors, and it is, of course, a fetish object par excellence. Could Britney Spears have launched a career if she’d strutted down that hallway in regulation public-school jeans and T-shirt? Au contraire.

And for more on hot Catholic schoolgirl action, is your place today!


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