Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jackson: Flu Difficult with No Nose

Michael Jackson, who yesterday showed no visible signs of illness, called in sick today forcing cancellation of the 2nd day of jury selection for his child molestation trial. He was taken to the local hospital in Santa Mariawhere he was diagnosed with what doctors called a "flu-like illness."

He apparently became ill in the car on the way to the trial. The judge in the case held a 30-minute conference call with doctors to confirm the extent of his illness.

The trial resumed Monday after last week off for the death of defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr's sister. Judge Melville has ordered the court to reconvene next week. The "flu" tactic is one he used previously in Indiana when called to give a deposition on a music rights dispute. Experts predict he will next fake an injury, hear of the death of both grandmothers, and acquire a dog to eat his homework.

Prior to today's delay, the judge and legal teams were working through the first 113 of the 242-person jury pool. They interviewed approximately 18 potential jurors on Monday. The defense and prosecution have released star-studded witness lists. The defense list includes a bevy of high profile celebrities as character witnesses, former attorney Mark Geragos (on both lists), and Jackson's own children, Paris and Prince Michael. The prosecution list includes additional names such as Debbie Rowe, mother to at least two of his children. There may be some news on unspecified motions tomorrow. Otherwise, jury selection will resume on 2/22.

I can't even offer any commentary on this because it's nutty enough just as it is. No. Really.


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