Tuesday, February 15, 2005

White Cow? Anyone? Anyone?

Every morning I drive up Meridian Street with its large, stately homes, lushly landscaped yards, and historic architecture. On the east side of the street at the corner of 43rd and Meridian is a low-slung contemporary house with glass, wood, and orange exposed I-beams. I love the house, but what is the deal with the life-sized, all-white long horn cow in their front yard?

It looks like a long horn, and you know, in my limited experience with cattle (sarcasm alert), I'm pretty sure that's what it is. It could, I guess, be a bull. I haven't looked at the statue that closely. Plus, it's not painted like a cow with brown horns or hooves. It's just all white.

A bit of Googling reveals that white cows were a symbol of St. Brigit and there's some Scottish pagan significance. It could be some sort of Balinese feng shui only with a white cow in the front yard instead of those yard ducks that are really popular in Michigan. (I've never seen the cow dressed up in a little outfit, though.) The cow faces south which could be meaningful.

I checked with Indy's foremost expert on big (and weird) things. No love.

Anyone have any info on the mysterious Meridian St. cow?


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