Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jackson Case Updates

I'll warn readers now, I'm going to be in complete newsgeeky joy all spring with this case. This trial is such a wonderful serendipity of bizarre personalities, weird sex, dirty money, and questionable reputations, all mixed together with a wacky California jury. (Beat until smooth and bake at 350 degrees.) If anyone's interested, I can recap the most of the judge's rulings from last week. (He hasn't ruled on all motions filed.) But for today, we have the results of jury questionnaires. (This is the stuff I love!)

Average: woman, 45, married with kids, has seen media reports, has discussed it with friends (man, this has to be a defense nightmare.)

Jury pool: 240 total people.
Age range: 18-81
Women: 55%/Men 45%
22 years – average time jurors have lived in Santa Barbara County
74% -- are employed full or part time. 14% retired
38% -- have a college degree
34% -- have been arrested or know someone who has (hmmmm, that's an interesting data point)
14% -- they or someone close to them has been victim to or witnessed a serious crime.
7% -- they, a family member or friend has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior

14% -- they or someone close to them has been a victim of inappropriate sexual behavior
43% -- know a law enforcement officer (this is good for prosecution, I'd think.)
70% -- know "a little" about the case
19% -- know "a lot" about the case
66% -- have discussed it with their friends and/or family
60% -- have heard about previous sexual abuse allegations against Jackson in 1993.
7% -- know or have a friend or family member who knows Jackson.
15% -- have worked with groups interested in "child safety, child abuse or mistreatment or children's rights" (The defense is all over these people)

Other data points: Almost all are veterans or have a close relative who is; large number are educators or retail workers. Most are from Santa Maria or Lompoc with a "substantial number" from Santa Ynez Valley (where Neverland Ranch is.)

12 jurors will be selected along with 8 alternates.

And in More Jackson Case News…
The defense fires a PR volley by leaking information on the what the family ate, where they stayed, and what they did while "kidnapped". At the very least, I'd guess they still felt like intimidation was at work. At least, if I had to eat that many meals at Outback Steakhouse I'd consider myself under duress.,2933,146948,00.html

E!Networks has hired Edward Moss, a well-known Jackson impersonator, for their daily reenactments. Acting out a daily court scene is the same approach they used during the OJ Simpson civil trial where no cameras were allowed in court. The network will show portions of the trial based on the transcripts with actors. This particular Jackson impersonator has played Jackson in Nip/Tuck and Scary Movie 3.


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